Holly Reynolds
Dish It Out

Dish It Out is a timeline of fad diets which starts in 1960 and follows through until today, designed in a funny and light hearted approach which covers insights and not so easy to swallow advice on how to slim your waistline—as these diets are so stupid and shocking, my publication has been designed in order to ‘take the mick out of’ these fad diets through use of imagery and text. The publication is almost promoting the diets but revealing that they are bad through tone of voice. The digital piece which goes along with my publication has the same visual language. The user is encouraged to swipe through these fad diets and at the end a shocking fact is revealed referring to how expensive and damaging these said diets can be. I wanted the digital piece to feel playful and fun. Something which doesn’t have to be taken seriously which can then shock you at the end.