Alice Sherwin
Bloody Hell

‘Bloody hell’ explores individual menstrual experiences, unpacking a long held societal taboo. Managing being on your period pivots around concealing your ‘state’ from others; periods are talked about in endless euphemisms and girls move tampons around like they are a Class A drug. Referencing the materiality of sanitary items, the book is a physical metaphor for the menstrual stigma, inviting the user to rip into the perforated edges of the book, an uncomfortable, difficult process, to reveal the contents, reflecting the concealed nature of periods and the uneasy feelings about opening up about them. Extremely stigmatised aspects of menstruation, such as the various colours and consistency of menstrual blood, are portrayed through mono-printing to add a human voice to the bright, clinical red of the riso ink. The digital element expands on this concept, denoting the idea of flow, allowing users to create their own digital mess or mark by drawing with type.