In an increasingly digitalised world, the viability and suitability of print has been challenged — Reveal / Conceal is a unique collaborative project undertaken by students of the graduating year of the BA (Hons) Graphic Arts course at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton with Antalis, Europe's leading distributor of paper and packaging solutions, to challenge the hierarchical notions and separations of these communication platforms. One of the key starting points of the Reveal / Conceal project is the use of PowerCoat papers and labels, which utilises NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to connect paper products to digital outcomes via smartphones. The challenge set for students was to adapt this closely connected world of paper and digital to communicate an idea, information or message around the theme of Reveal / Conceal.

Students were encouraged to utilise the inherent tactile and visual properties of paper with the interactive qualities of digital technology but in a highly relevant, meaningful and integrated manner. This connection of paper and digital offers opportunities for a new and meaningful co-existence, which spans and blurs the existing categorisation of new and old, traditional and digital media into one immediate, continuous and relevant connected relationship. A key question, returned to throughout by students was why and how their interpretation of the project title requires the use of both the digital and physical. The project revealed that the students, many born into the start of the Internet age, had a real desire to see print survive, but utilised in a meaningful and relevant manner to their digitally engaged world.

Creative Team:
Ferdaws Alizada
Robyn Bamber
Harry Bennett
Holly Reynolds
Alice Sherwin
Jodie Silsby

With thanks to:
Chris O'Connor
Naomi Shelley
Ian Jackson